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Save Your Horses in Your Trailer

There are several essential points you need to consider about the condition and safety of your own horse trailer. Before you load horses in any kind of trailer to take them to the horse races, it is a must to perform a condition and safety inspection. The trailer’s condition will most definitely affect your safety, as well as the safety of the horses you have.

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The floor’s condition

If your floor is part of the majority of the floors, then it is likely to be wooden. Wood is extremely prone to rotting, which makes it one of the essential safety concerns. You would not want your horse to fall through the floor of your trailer. The wood planks making up your floor must not have soft or rotten spots. The planks are attached to cross frames underneath. These frames may have surface rust, but the primary hazard would be major rust. Oxidation results to rust and the softening of the material and the lessening of its strength.

Acceptable rust would be the flat surface of the metal being flat without pitting. If it begins to pit, the strength will be lessened. If you are not sure of all this, then it is time to contact an expert for his professional point of view. Welding is usually what attaches to the primary trailer frame. Take time in inspecting the welding. Search for cracks on the edge, as well as on the center.

Do not overlook the door latches

Each door of the trailer must be locked and unlocked easily. Latches must keep each door locked safely so that the doors do not accidentally open. But the doors should also be simple and easy to open.

Do not neglect the trailer brakes

Trailer brakes are usually overlooked. The trailer should be pulled easily without binding the brakes. But the brakes should also be strong and provide perfect assistance in stopping. There are two primary categories of brake systems in trailers: hydraulic surges and electric brakes. Your brakes must be inspected by someone knowledgeable about these things, preferably a mechanic. When you pull your trailer which is loaded with horses, it is extremely essential to drive with caution and lots of extra distance for stopping safely.

Check your lights

Before you use your trailer, make sure you check the turn signals, taillights, and brake lights if they are in working condition. Other motorists need to see your trailer clearly in order to be safe.

A bit of preparation up front will get you to the tack safely. Once there, good luck with your horse racing tips.

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