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Important Advanced Horse Training Tips

Some of the most basic of ideas can be the most advanced part of training a horse. You need to always use these essential concepts throughout your instruction to achieve a well-trained horse. To initiate your advanced horse training begins with these simple tips first.

Horse Training

A horse’s diet seems a basic thing but owners often overlook how vital it is to their horse’s training. For instance, a horse can get anxious if it is overfed by a high protein diet, if a horse is more hot-blooded it will require less protein in its diet.

Hand-feeding your horse treats can turn them into a beggar, if you are going to reward your horse with a treat, fed it to them in a feeding bucket, not from your hand. This helps set limits for your relationship together.


Set limits of appropriate behavior for your horse. Your horse should not invade your personal space unless you encourage or invite it to do so. You have to be in control and be the dominant leader when training a horse.

Reprimand your horse when necessary to help your horse understand its limits. Start by making a “sh” sound every time the horse is going beyond the limits you have set.


Give your horse its well-deserved respect to, you are a team you need to be conscious of their personal space and limits as well. Watch for them to invite you to approach them and to ride them.

You will never seize and control a horse that doesn’t want to be. You need to use a soft controlled tone in your voice that they can trust and keep your eye contact in a nonaggressive way.

Using a Bit

A small amount of molasses on the bit will make using it on the horse a much more pleasurable experience for both of you.

Warm the bit up before using it, you can do this simply by cupping it in your armpit like you would your own fingers on a cold day.


Never kick your horse when steering them, you can control your horse with body language. Use your belly to steer your horse in the course you would like to go.

You will better be able to instill your control over the horse with your confidence, a horse will read your confidence from the moment you approach. Keep your confidence up and your horse will better trust you and accept your lead.

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